Simply put, there wasn’t an effective snake repellent or deterrent on the market that we would use for ourselves so we made it our mission to find a solution…The Atrox Snake Barrier is patent-pending and will keep snakes away no matter if you are at home or camping in the great outdoors!

Initially, the idea came from an electric utility worker of 30 plus years, who has extensive knowledge and a love of snakes, that dealt directly with the failure of electric company’s “homemade” electric snake guards used to deter snakes from entering substations (see article for more detail). Since than the initial concept has been tested and proven in the field by experts (expert opinion) with many species of snakes and has been re-engineered multiple times to make it easier to set up, dis-assemble when not in use, and to reduce manufacturing costs.

Snakes can be scary and in some cases deadly and therefore many of us prefer a dead snake to a live one, but they do serve a purpose on this planet or they wouldn’t be here. Our goal is to provide you with a solution that offers PEACE OF MIND by keeping snakes away while being mindful of our ecology and the role snakes play within it.

Snake Bite facts:

The World Health Organization reports that up to five million people are bitten by snakes each year worldwide with approximately half of those or 2.4 million being envenomations or poisonings from snake bites. WHO further estimates that there are up to 125,000 deaths and 400,000 amputations per year due to venomous snake bites (WHO Fact Sheet).

The majority of these bites occur in Africa and South-East Asia and in other other low- and middle income countries where medical treatment is more scarce.

In more developed countries where medical care is more accessible, such as the United States and Australia for example, there are an estimated 8,000 and 3,000 venomous snake bites respectively per year with less than 10 deaths per year between these two countries.

In the U.S., a rattlesnake bite can cost up to $150k in medical expenses.

More than 1,300 U.S. kids suffer venomous snakebites each year on average with copperheads biting more people than any other U.S. snake species.

The reality of it is you are 9 times more likely to to die from being struck by lighting than to die of a venomous snake bite in the U.S. and other developed countries (University of Florida). But as the opening meme implies……most of us simply do not like snakes and don’t want them anywhere around us!

One of our long-term goals is to provide a preventative solution to the victims of venomous snake bites who don’t have accessible medical care and snake bite treatments in developing countries around the world.

Where Can the Atrox Snake Barrier Be Used?

Anywhere you want to keep snakes out of and can secure the metal structures and screen material to the ground…

• Hunting blinds

Hunters will set up their blinds in areas they’d like to hunt sometimes many weeks ahead of time so the animals in the area get used its presence, including snakes! Many times hunters will enter their blinds early in the morning when it’s dark and the last thing you would want to surprise you is a water moccasin or a rattlesnake since their bites are even more dangerous so far away from medical treatment. Keep snakes out with the Atrox Snake Barrier!

• Campsites

There’s nothing more fun than getting out in the great outdoors and going camping but let’s face it, snakes are part of what makes the great outdoors great, but we don’t want them in our campsite or tent. Keep snakes out of your campsite with the Atrox Snake Barrier!

• Chicken coops

Everybody loves backyard chickens and they can be tons of fun to take care of and everyone loves farm-fresh eggs but when you have baby birds running around and a lot of eggs snakes are going to be attracted to your yard. See how to keep snakes out of your Chicken Coop with the Atrox Snake Barrier!

• Playgrounds

If a child is bitten by a venomous snake their chances of survival are much lower since there is more venom in a smaller body. The last thing any of us wants to hear about is a small child playing in their backyard or playhouse and being bitten by a deadly venomous snake, so keep snakes out of any playground or play area by installing the Atrox Snake Barrier!

• Pools

Keep Snakes Out! Snakes love a big, cool body of water to look for food, get a drink of water, or to cool off. There are many places for snakes to hide around a pool area and the Atrox Snake Barrier will keep snakes out and away from you, your family, and pets and out of your pool and surrounding landscape.

More applications….

Gardens or Landscaping

• Homes

• RV’s and Travel Trailers

• Electrical Housings and Substations

• Pump houses

• Cattle and Horse Barns and Stables

• Doghouses and Dogpens

• Sheds

• Greenhouses

• Aviaries

• Free range chicken farms

Anywhere else you can think of that we didn’t and can set up the barrier correctly!

If you want to set up the Atrox Snake Barrier to protect a large area where you can’t realistically confirm there are not snakes inside the perimeter of the protected area, DO NOT WORRY, the Atrox Barrier System will let them escape but will not let them return!