Eric Pyhrr, CEO

Beginning his career as an entrepreneur at 22, Eric Pyhrr is well-versed in business development and distribution. Through his online screen business, Pyhrr was introduced to the Atrox Snake Barrier and immediately saw its potential for protecting loved ones from venomous snakes. He further developed the product’s design to increase ease for shipping and ultimately launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the manufacturing of the first commercially produced units in October 2017. Pyhrr holds a bachelor’s degree from University of Texas at Austin and a master’s in strategy and entrepreneurship from SMU.

Jason Martin, Director of Business Development

Jason Martin is a producer for the hit television series on the Velocity Channel’s “Iron Resurrection”. Currently airing in 38 countries, the show is on its third season. Before television production, Martin was a metal fabricator in the design manufacturing process through building custom motorcycles and cars. Jason is also a partner in the Atrox Snake Barrier, a unique product designed to humanely keep snakes away from loved ones.

Jayson “Shag” Arrington, Marketing

With more than 20 years of experiential marketing, “Shag”, prides himself on crafting experiences that connect customers with brands. Shag can be found at Martin Bros Customs and seen on Velocity’s “Iron Resurrection”. Shag was drawn to the Atrox Snake Barrier as a humane solution for protecting loved ones from venomous snakes.
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Dan Krull, Herpetologist

A herpetologist, exotic animal husbandry expert, urban farmer, filmmaker and voiceover/on camera talent, Dan Krull is a board member of the Rattlesnake Preservation Trust, Manheim Park and Garden Conservancy and Small Scale Films Inc. Krull is also a co-owner of Eden Bio-Creations, owner of Solid Hogs and social media consultant for various conservation related companies. He’s an avid outdoorsman, educator and public speaker who has spent his life studying reptiles and amphibians. Krull is known for educating others about their importance and value to our planet, and has lent his expertise by humanely testing the Atrox Snake Barrier by providing and overseeing snakes.
Follow him on Twitter at @hogblogdan