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Keep snakes out with the Atrox Snake Barrier!

Watch the videos below and see our snake expert put it to the test.

Keep Snakes Out! Snakes love a big, cool body of water to look for food, get a drink of water, or to cool off. There are many places for snakes to hide around a pool area and the Atrox Snake Barrier will keep snakes out and away from you, your family, and pets and out of your pool and surrounding landscape.

See one of the fastest North American snakes fail to get over the Atrox Snake Barrier!

ATROX for Playgrounds from ATROX Snake Barrier LLC on Vimeo.

If a child is bitten by a venomous snake their chances of survival are much lower since there is more venom in a smaller body. The last thing any of us wants to hear about is a small child playing in their backyard or playhouse and being bitten by a deadly venomous snake, so keep snakes out of any playground or play area by installing the Atrox Snake Barrier!

ATROX for Hunting Blinds from ATROX Snake Barrier LLC on Vimeo.

Hunters will set up their blinds in areas they’d like to hunt sometimes many weeks ahead of time so the animals in the area get used its presence, including snakes! Many times hunters will enter their blinds early in the morning when it’s dark and the last thing you would want to surprise is a water moccasin or a rattlesnake since their bites are even more dangerous so far away from medical treatment. Keep snakes out with the Atrox Snake Barrier!

There’s nothing more fun than getting out in the great outdoors and going camping but let’s face it, snakes are part of what makes the great outdoors great, but we don’t want them in our campsite or tent. Keep snakes out of your campsite with the Atrox Snake Barrier!

The Atrox Snake Barrier system keeps snakes out, not in! See how so you can see why it is the superior snake control product on the market!

Everybody loves backyard chickens and farm-fresh eggs but not more than a hungry snake. See how to keep your slithering dinner guests out of your Chicken Coop with the ATROX Snake Barrier!