Snake Barrier For Camping

Going camping with family or friends is a great way to get outdoors and unplug for a while. While you kick back around the fire or at the waterside, the threat of snakes getting into your tents or other camping equipment shouldn’t be on your mind. In the past, you may have encountered one or two of them around your campsite. With the Atrox Snake Barrier System, you’ll never have to worry about intruding snakes again. Pack this lightweight barrier with you before you leave home to keep your family and friends protected.

Getting set up is easy and you’ll have a snake-free campsite in no time. Once you’ve arrived at your site, determine the perimeter you want to secure. Because the Atrox is scalable, you can set it up however you wish.

snake barrier campingIn 100% of our tests with rat snakes, coachwhips, water snakes, and even a diamondback named Brutus, the snakes were unable to move beyond the Atrox into the protected area. As the snakes approach, they will go left or right, and some even rise up. They end up in the overhanging screen, forcing them to lower back down and go elsewhere. By nature, snake won’t keep trying to enter—they’ll be redirected by the barrier away from your campsite. At only 10 inches tall, the barrier maintains a low-profile that won’t make you feel like you’re walled off inside your campsite. In the event a snake was to be inside the barrier, it would be able to crawl out without obstruction, but NOT be able to come back inside. This is a great feature that makes the Atrox Snake Barrier System an extremely effective, natural snake control option in an otherwise ineffective market. There are tons of products claiming to repel snakes using mothballs, clove oil, or even toxic chemicals like ammonia.

These could be harmful and potentially fatal to your furry friends! The Atrox offers a non-lethal, 100% safe method of snake control that you can trust in. Plus, it’ll even keep out other problem critters like lizards and frogs. When you’re ready to head back home, simply pull up the stakes and roll the barrier to store in a bag. It’s that easy!

Practice humane and toxin-free snake control to keep your campsite snake-free this year with the Atrox. The local ecosystem will thank you, since snakes are crucial members in the natural food chain. Without them, things would get a little squirrely. Please contact us if you have questions about the Atrox and for more information about the Atrox Snake Barrier System.

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