Snake Barrier For Hunting (Ground Blinds)

As hunting season approaches, you’re probably getting everything in order before that first crisp morning. You’re cleaning your guns, making sure your hunting license is good to go, and figuring out where all your gear is. You may hunt using blinds, which would be installed weeks prior to the first day out in the field. If this is the case, then wildlife in the area will be acclimated to your blind once you arrive. This could mean a snake has found safety inside, which is the opposite of how you’ll feel when you see one. Keep your hunting blinds protected from snakes with the Atrox Snake Barrier System. This simple, low-profile barrier takes minutes to install and provides continuous security. At only 10 inches tall, it won’t obstruct your view whatsoever.

Keep snakes at bay with the Atrox so you can be totally focused (and quiet). Set up is easy once you know the exact perimeter you’d like to protect. When a snake comes up to the screen and finds it can’t move through, it’ll quickly try to move left and right to get in. Some species of snake can rise up; however, the overhanging screen prevents them from getting over the barrier. The unsuccessful attempts will naturally lead the snake away from the area and back into the wild. This way, you can spend more time watching for game and less for intruding snakes.

snake barrier huntingAs many hunters know, the ecosystem is important. When things are in working order, there are enough deer, turkey, and other game to go around. Whether we consider it or not, snakes are a major player in the fragile balance of the food chain. Though they can be dangerous to us and frightening, we must remember that we’re in their environment. Instead of killing them, the Atrox barrier will prevent them from coming near you. Even if one were to be enclosed inside the barrier (you may not have seen it when installing it), snakes are able to leave the protected area. They CANNOT return and will be forced to seek out a new hiding spot. This helps maintain a non-lethal way of snake control while out in the woods or other terrains. The last thing you want to do is use one of the so-called “snake repellant” products that contain harmful chemicals that will damage the environment and surrounding wildlife. End your days celebrating a successful hunt, not a swollen snake bite on the ankle.

If snakes have been a problem in the past while hunting, the Atrox will eliminate the worry altogether. Please contact us if you have questions about the Atrox and for more information about the Atrox Snake Barrier System.

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