Snake Barrier For Livestock & Chicken Coops

If you’re a farmer or rancher, you want the best for your livestock. Alongside room to roam and a healthy diet, you’ll also want to ensure their protection. While inside their shelters, livestock should be safe from the elements and predatory animals in the area. Though small, snakes are a threat too. These may seek shelter in the dark corners of your livestock structures. Should a cow, goat, sheep, horse or other animal come near the snake, it could lash out and harm them. That’s money out of your pocket, especially if the animal dies from a venomous bite. Prevent this all together with the Atrox Snake Barrier System. At only 10 inches tall, this lightweight and portable system won’t impede your livestock but will block dangerous snakes from getting into your structures.

If you feel like you deal with snakes on a yearly basis, the Atrox Snake Barrier is what you need. It doesn’t matter how large your targeted area is since the Atrox Barrier is scalable, meaning you can set it up wherever you need to keep snakes away. There is a reason why we developed the Atrox Snake Barrier System in the face of countless ineffective products on the market. You’ve probably already used several that claim to be “snake repellant,” but the truth is, they just don’t work. Many are made of volatile chemicals, which will affect the health of your livestock and the environment they live in. The Atrox is an effective, trial-tested system that works to keep everyone safe—your livestock, the approaching snakes, and even you. As snakes crawl towards the barrier, they’ll instantly be blocked from entry no matter which way they go. If they raise up, they’ll get caught in the A-frame of the overhanging screen. As snakes aren’t natural problem solvers (they run on survival instinct, after all), the failed attempts will lead them away.

snake barrier chicken coopSnakes will crawl along the length of the barrier and away from your livestock. Keeping them alive helps keep the rodent population down, too. Fewer mice getting in the feed is always a good thing. Even if a snake were to be inside the barrier after installment, it will be able to exit the barrier, but NOT re-enter.

The Atrox is an easy and effective way to introduce natural snake control to your practices. It’s practical, non-toxic, and non-lethal. Please contact us if you have questions about the Atrox and for more information about the Atrox Snake Barrier System.

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