Snake Barrier For Your Playground

When you take your kids to the playground, the last thing you want to worry about is dealing with a snake. It could be dangerous if you or your children don’t see a snake, as it could quickly strike out and bite without any notice. As reported by CBS News, more than 1,300 U.S. children suffer venomous snakebites each year on average. Copperheads are a primary culprit, though other snakes often bite humans too. If you know you’ll be hanging around the playground for a while, setting up the Atrox Barrier System is easy and worth it to protect your kids. It’s also great for recreational area owners since you can permanently install these barriers to get rid of snakes in public spaces.

snake barrier playgoundThere are many ways in which to set up the Atrox Snake Barrier. If you’re simply a visitor to the area, outline the perimeter you and your family will be in. If you’re the owner of a playground or recreational space with one, you can line the whole area to protect it. The Atrox systems are scalable, so they can fit your playground barrier needs accurately. At a mere 10 inches tall, it maintains a low-profile that little ones will know to hop over. The ingenuity of the Atrox is its science-backed design. Using snakes’ instincts against them, the Atrox prevents every move a snake would make. The barriers fit tight to the ground, so approaching snakes won’t be able to go beneath it. When they also can’t get in by going left, right, or up, snakes will naturally move on. They’ll follow the length of the barrier screen out and away from the playground, keeping you and your children safe.

While we may not love the idea of snakes but they’re crucial to our ecosystem. Without them, many more animals like mice would be roaming about. Don’t buy into the false promises of other so-called remedies that employ natural oils like cinnamon and clove. The truth is—these aren’t snake repellents! Alongside this, using volatile chemical-packed products will harm both the environment, pets, and neighboring wildlife. The Atrox Snake Barrier is the only non-lethal and non-toxic product that continuously repels snakes. It’s a lasting investment that will save you the terror of snakebites and hospital bills. Never worry about snakes hiding in playgrounds again!

We believe in this system’s ability to knock down the number of children bitten by snakes in the US annually. Please contact us if you have questions about the Atrox and for more information about the Atrox Snake Barrier System.

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