Snake Barrier For Your Garden

garden snake barrierGardens are a wonderful place to grow vegetables, herbs, and fruit right at home. While the produce you grow will be safe, the garden area itself may not be. The shade the leaves your plants provide is also a desirable place for snakes to take cover. If you’re not paying close attention to where you place your feet and hands, you may be met with a scare or worst case a nasty bite. Get in front of your snake problem—and potential ones—with the Atrox Snake Barrier System. This portable, low-profile barrier is an ideal way to snake-proof your garden and even an entire yard.

If gardener, black snakes, copperhead or other snakes have been an issue in past years, end it with the Atrox Snake Barrier. You may only be concerned about your garden area; in which case you’ll outline it with the barrier screen. If you’d prefer to protect your entire yard, the Atrox can handle this as well. At a mere 10 inches tall, it’s easy to step over to get into the garden. One fantastic quality of this system is that it can be installed to best suit your protection needs.

We’ve tested the Atrox Snake Barrier System with many different types of snakes. Some of these include copperheads, water moccasins, coachwhips, coral snakes, rat snakes (tree climbers), and a big western diamondback named Brutus. In different scenarios involving pools, chicken coops, humans, and more, the Atrox proved its worth by totally confusing the snakes. The reason this system works is that it uses the snakes’ instincts against them. When they bump into the screen, they can’t conceptualize what’s in front of them. After failed attempts of entry by moving left, right, and even up for some snakes, they ultimately crawl away from the protected area. This is because snakes aren’t going to keep trying at something that isn’t working—their instincts will lead them away. With an Atrox barrier installed correctly, you can step into the garden knowing that it’s completely safe to work in.

In the snake deterrent market, there are many products that claim to be true “snake repellents”. The fact of the matter is that these simply don’t work. No natural oils like cinnamon and clove, and definitely not mothballs, ammonia, or sulfur will rid your yard of snakes. The products containing toxins can actually damage your yard, especially your crops. Instead of dumping your hard-earned money into false promises, invest in a non-lethal, non-toxic system that continuously works to keep snakes away from your designated area.

Garden to your heart’s content this year with the peace of mind you deserve. Please contact us if you have questions about the Atrox and for more information about the Atrox Snake Barrier System.

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