Snake Barrier For Your Pool

While relaxing in your pool, the last thing you want to worry about is snakes joining you for a swim. You may have had to remove snakes from the water in the past or had your kids come running into the house because of one. Make your snake problem vanish altogether with the non-lethal Atrox Snake Barrier System.

Why are snakes attracted to your pool? When the weather is warm, snakes can become too hot, which will lead them to search for water. If a pool is nearby, it’s a great place for these guys to both cool off and get a drink. Naturally, you don’t want them coming around! The Atrox Snake Barrier will keep them at bay, guiding them to move along elsewhere.

There are many snake control products on the market that simply don’t work. So-called “snake repellants” may use toxic chemicals that could be detrimental to your yard and family’s health. Stop buying these ineffective products and choose a continuously working one when set up correctly!

Installation of these barriers is easy and only takes a few minutes. The systems are scalable and can be installed wherever you wish to keep snakes away as long as the barrier can be set up correctly. You can set the Atrox Snake Barrier up around your pool or entire backyard. Standing at only 10 inches tall, the Atrox barrier maintains a low-profile and can quickly be taken down and set back up for seasonal use or for any other reason. The design of the system is what makes it so effective. When a snake approaches the Atrox, it won’t be able to go beneath, around, or above it. Should the snake rise up, it will be caught in the overhanging screen. Due to the snake’s instincts, the unsuccessful attempts will make it move elsewhere. What if there is a snake inside the barrier that you didn’t see before installation? Not to worry! The Atrox is designed to allow snakes out, but NOT back inside. This way, it offers them a safe way out to go on their way. Keep your kids, pets, and yourself safe from snakes with our effective barrier system. Get the peace of mind you need to have a relaxing day at your pool without the need to check for snakes.

Many fear snakes, and for some types, it’s for good reason. However, we can move beyond killing them and instead redirecting them away from your home. After all, snakes are important players in the ecosystem’s schematic, often taking care of other critters that you may not love to see hanging around. Opt for the humane, non-lethal avenue of dealing with snakes around your pool with the Atrox. Please contact us if you have questions about the Atrox and for more information about the Atrox Snake Barrier System.

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